About NIR Laser



The desire to become whiter is always a topic that beauty seekers can't get around. In order to be white, we can say that it is a lot of effort.

Grape seeds, collagen powder, whitening injections, etc., but the results that can be received from such oral and topical applications are often not as desired.

And today to introduce you to a whitening device Near Infrared, it can be from three aspects of skin tone, skin texture to improve, lighten sun spots and other pigmentation, lighten redness such as red blood, improve skin transparency, so that your skin to milk white ~


Near infrared light is known as the beauty skin savior of the party who stayed up late, is the 1300nm NIR light developed by Israel Feiton, Selected wave spectrum 900-1600nm, wave peak 1300nm, because NIR penetrates deeper than visible pulse light, is the deepest penetration of all light and laser, can penetrate through the epidermis, directly heating the water molecules in the dermis, the water molecules in the dermis absorb the energy of milk light to generate heat.

The water molecules in the dermis absorb the energy of the milk light to produce heat. Through the thermal effect, it promotes collagen growth in the deep dermis, and the new collagen rearranges and increases in quantity, thus filling the gap of contracted and lost collagen. Thus, the scaffolding of the skin is lifted again, and when collagen is continuously produced, the thickness and density of the dermis increases, achieving the effect of smoothing wrinkles, refining pores and restoring skin elasticity.
NIR, a near-infrared light, is between visible light and infrared light, and its penetration depth in the skin is the deepest of all light and laser penetration, much deeper than photons.


NIR light can effectively heat the water molecules in the dermis during treatment, prompting the contraction of collagen fibers and stimulating the production of new collagen fibers (the principle is similar to RF, except that RF is an electric current, while NIR light is a kind of light)

It can be nicknamed "milk light" because it makes the skin as white and lubricated as milk, like baby skin.

In clinical treatment, the combination of photon and infrared light can make the effect of skin brightening and rejuvenation better. It is safe and effective without the risk of burns.

Near-infrared light stimulates the renewal and remodeling of collagen fibers while indirectly increasing skin refractive index and skin permeability through changes in skin texture and fineness, thus brightening skin tone, eliminating dullness and waxiness, quickly even skin tone, whitening and brightening, and effectively repairing skin problems caused by UV damage.


This machine has two treatment modes

Spot Mode: Intense pulsed light type spot operation, local strong stimulation, immediate contraction of dermal collagen fibers, while promoting dermal collagen proliferation and rearrangement, as a way to fill the gap between contracted and lost collagen, so that the thickness and density of the dermis increases, tightening the skin and improving skin elasticity.

Sliding Mode: Unique In-motion sliding mode, uniform volume heating, photothermal effect generated by NIR near infrared light, enhances vascular function and improves circulation, while increased collagen and elastic fibers maintain smooth and transparent skin and promote brighter skin tone.


Advantages of the effect of NIR near red light

1. Effective stimulation of collagen renewal and remodeling

It can reach the superficial to middle layers of the dermis (emphasis added, only at this depth can remodeling be stimulated), producing immediate and sustained skin contraction, improving skin texture and fineness, increasing skin permeability, and achieving skin brightening and tightening effects.

2. Non-invasive

The most important feature is that it is non-invasive and painless.

3. Rapid treatment, no time wasting

NIR near red light treatment is fast and can be completed in lunch time, a real lunchtime beauty program.


Treatment effects of Near infrared light 

1. Improve the dullness of skin tone

It can induce the contraction of collagen fibers in the dermis of the skin, making the skin firm and tender. It is suitable for people with congenital dull yellow skin, dark skin, etc., as well as people with dull yellow skin due to long-term UV radiation, sun protection and inadequate care as a daily maintenance.

2. Pore Reduction

Long-term makeup makes pores clogged, plus incomplete cleansing makes pores easily enlarged. NIR promotes collagen regeneration and shrinks pores.

3. Refine skin texture

NIR can improve the roughness and lack of luster of the skin caused by congenital roughness and incorrect skin care afterwards.

4. Sagging skin

After the age of 25, the skin is obviously sagging and fine lines and dry lines begin to grow, NIR can make the sagging and aging skin firmer.


In fact, if you want to have good skin, regular treatment based on maintenance is necessary to adhere to. In today's non-invasive and minimally invasive skin rejuvenation technology has become an important trend in the development of medical aesthetics, whether it is intraoperative treatment, or post-operative recovery, scabbing and recovery period, are no longer the biggest problem.

And NIR Milk Light is arguably a leader in the field of light photoelectricity. With its non-invasive and rapid treatment, it is undoubtedly a better choice for skin care nowadays in the fast-paced life.


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