F-DPL Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Machine

F-DPL technology ( Fractional Dye Pulsed Light)use a narrow wave band for accurate treatments.
♥ Skin Rejuvenation
♥ Pigmented Lesions
♥ Vascular Lesions
♥ Hair Removal

F-DPL Technology  F-DPL Technology The advantages of F-DPL technology use honeycomb instant penetration technology to instantly output strong pulses in matrix mode (the emitted energy is dotted to avoid sheet burns from traditional photons) and is also a precise skin rejuvenation for more accurate narrow-spectrum light for skin rejuvenation treatment, greatly improved light and heat selectivity. Compared with traditional photo rejuvenation, it has higher selectivity, more precision, more efficient. In treatment effect, effective time, safety and technical aspects have been upgraded in four major aspects. It has been widely used in Europe, America and other countries in Asia. It has won the favor of many women by surpassing the traditional photon rejuvenation with excellent curative effect.

Because of the narrow waveband, F-DPL's light source is more pure. So the treatment effect is much better than traditional IPL.


F-DPL Energy Constant Waveform


F-DPL Precise Treatment Range

● Skin Rejuvenation: shrink pores, wrinkle removal, brighten skin tone.

● Veins removal: congenital red blood, red skin after skin resurfacing, red face (face flushing), red blood acne, rosacea, etc.

● Freckle Removal: freckles, chloasma, sunburn, age spots, pigmentation, etc.

●  Hair removal: Unwanted hair.


 F-DPL Precise Treatment Advantage


   The wavelength energy used in F-DPL Precision Rejuvenation is concentrated in a narrow wave brand, enabling precise treatment of diseased blood vessels and red blood cells for efficient and rapid treatment.


   F-DPL precise light achieves fast treatment and uniform energy distribution for large-area lesions, so there is no stimulation to the skin, feel skin warmer.


   The treatment process is short, no anesthesia is needed, and the normal work and life will not be affected after surgery. No special care is needed,which is quick and convenient.


   The F-DPL precision light used in the sequence pulse mode has no pain to the skin, is safe and comfortable, has no side effects, and enjoys a different skin rejuvenation experience.

Machine Details   



Machine Parameters


Laser type  F-DPL(Fractional Dye Pulsed Light)

  HR 640-900nm,VL 500-600nm       

  SR 550-650nm, SPR 530-630nm

Spot Size  8X40mm/ 27x45mm Double lamps
Filter type  Sapphire Crystal
Energy  50J/100J
Frequency  1-10hz 
Duration  8ms
Cooling Level  1-5
Laser output mode  Continuous mode
Touch screen  Capacitive touch screen color 10 inch
Cooling system   Wind cooling, water cooling and sapphire  cooling
Power  2000W
Voltage  AC220V±10% 50HZ , 110v±10% 60HZ
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