Fiber Coupled 808nm Laser Hair Removal Machine For Salon

 FIBER DIODE LASER TECHNOLOGY What is Fiber Coupled Diode (FCD) technology?
The light generated by multiple diode laser are coupled into a single-core multimode fiber by micro lens array, in order to deliver light to the target place. This innovative design assures uniform energy distribution, low damage rate, long lifespan and easy maintenance of the diode laser.


Usually diode lasers on the market have 2 power supply. 
One switching power supply, one LD (laser diode stack) power supply. 
We integrated 2 power supply in 1, improved the performance, decreased the failure rate and lower the cost. 
Below 3 photos showing that the electric current from our 2 in 1 power supply to the LD bars, having perfect waveform, that means, 
- Higher Electro-optic efficiency; 
- Less laser emitters consumption; 
- Longer life time; 
- Stable and average energy in each pulse.










   Fiber laser(the same power)  Diode laser
 Laser Energy  Higher  High
 Work Time  24H  Can Not
 Cooling Mode  Water  TEC+ Water
 Water Requirements   NO   YES
 Water Filter  NO  YES
 Laser Life  5-8Y  6M/1Y
 Handle Weight  Very Light  Slightly Heavier



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